Raiding begins on 9/23!

BoredNowKill will hold its first Legion raid this Friday at 8:30 PM CDT (6:30 PM PDT, 9:30 PM EDT). If you don’t already have an event on your calendar, send an in-game mail to Naarya-Uther to get added to the calendar event. Raid invites will begin 15 minutes before raid time, so you are encouraged to come early!

If we don’t have enough people to raid on our own, we will try to fill any composition holes in Group Finder starting at 8:30.

Requirements to raid:

  • Item level 835
  • DeadlyBossMods add-on (other boss mods e.g. BigWigs are acceptable provided they support Legion content)
  • Mumble voice chat – login details will be provided in-game, but downloading the client in advance is advised. You do not need a microphone, though it’s helpful if you are a tank or healer.

The first boss of Emerald Nightmare is Nythendra. Please review the strategy for this boss in advance of the raid – Icy Veins, Wowhead, or wherever you prefer to study raid strategies.

Once we defeat Nythendra (whether this Friday or subsequently), the next boss will be Elerethe Renferal (Icy Veins, Wowhead). If you feel really ambitious. look up strategies for Il’gynoth and Ursoc as well!

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