Odyn defeated!

It took most of the night, but we managed to get our victory over Odyn in the Trial of Valor raid. Not enough time for Guarm trash, but now that we have the general idea on the raid, we should be able to get started on the helldoggie next week!


Cenarius and Xavius defeated!

Last week, after getting a five-boss clear on the first raid day, we went straight to Cenarius the next day, and managed to bring him down.


We weren’t able to get Xavius the same day… but tonight, we finally did, marking our first full clear of Emerald Nightmare on Normal. Good job team!

Emerald Dream

We even had time to dip our toes into Emerald Nightmare Heroic – no victories there yet, though we came heartbreakingly close.

We’ll keep on normal EN for a while longer, but further EN Heroic attempts, as well as a peek into the Trials of Valor raid, are in our future. Stay tuned!


BoredNowKill is a raiding alliance of several Alliance guilds on Uther-Runetotem-US. We’ve been raiding as a team since the end of Mists of Pandaria and all through Warlords of Draenor, and we’re looking forward to raiding together again in Legion.