The Emerald Dream has been poisoned by the Nightmare. Enter the Dream and attack the corruption at its source!


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Il'gynoth, the Heart of Corruption

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tl;dr strategy
Phase 1: Kill adds, kite slimes to the eye, and blow them up.
Phase 2: Burn the eye, run out if you're the bomb, get out before the phase ends.
Repeat until dead.

Fight Overview
This fight is in two phases: The Ruined Ground and The Heart of Corruption.

Phase 1: The Ruined Ground
This phase basically consists of killing an assortment adds (which generate Nightmare Ichor slimes), kiting the slimes on top of the Eye of Il'gynoth, and then killing the slimes to damage the Eye. Once the Eye has been sufficiently damaged, it is possible to enter phase 2 and attack the heart.

The raid leader will set up two Dominator Tentacle groups, each consisting of one tank and one melee DPS. The rest of the raid will focus on one Dominator Tentacle at a time, but switch to other tentacles as they appear.

In each Dominator Tentacle group:
The tank must hold aggro on the tentacle, or it will start roaring and blast the raid. The tentacle will periodically use Nightmarish Fury to do heavy damage; use a cooldown to survive this.

The melee DPS will periodically be targeted with Ground Slam, placing an arrow in the melee's direction. This needs to be directed away from the raid.

Once your Dominator Tentacle is dead, you can move on to join the raid on everything else.

Apart from the Dominator Tentacles, the rest of the raid's responsibilites are as follows:

Tank your Dominator Tentacle until it is dead; if the Nightmare Horror isn't up yet, be a melee DPS until it is.

When the Nightmare Horror spawns, take turns tanking it at the wall near the Eye, keep it away from ground crap (and move it out of the ground crap it makes), and keep it faced away from the raid; swap on 3 stacks of Eye of Fate.

Run out of the raid if targeted by Spew Corruption.

The Eye itself will occasionally cast Nightmare Gaze on a random target; this can deal quite a bit of damage, so respond quickly.

Ranged DPS:
Run out of the raid if targeted by Spew Corruption.

Your priority targets are as follows:
Corruptor Tentacles
Deathglare Tentacles
Dominator Tentacles
Nightmare Horror

Ranged DPS:
Run out of the raid if targeted by Spew Corruption.

Your priority targets are as follows:
Deathglare Tentacles (interrupt Mind Flay as needed)
Corruptor Tentacles
Dominator Tentacles
Nightmare Horror

Kite Nightmare Ichors toward the Eye if you are fixated (unless you have Spew Corruption, in which case get that away from the Eye first). Once enough Ichors are in place near the Eye, AoE stun and kill them.
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